Saturday, April 22, 2017

Jasper & Oliver's 1st Birthday!

Jasper & Oliver's 1st Birthday!

Wow, it is so unbelievable that these two little boys I got in May 2016 are now a year old! Since rats only live a couple of years, we celebrated big!

baby jasper
Baby Jasper (credit to Heather Neary)

So a little backstory and info: Once my rats Everett and Delmar were starting to get in their senior years I started looking at a baby rat to start therapy training. You know I have my issues with pet store rats - you don't know where they come from so you don't know health history and they are not handled as much as a rat from a breeder. So I was in the group I am an admin for (Georgia Rat Breeders) and spotted some beautiful babies from a breeder in South Carolina.

baby oliver
Baby Oliver (credit to Heather Neary)

I was set on one rat because I was sure Delmar would be fine with a roommate, but after picking up Jasper, Delmar had senior health issues and passed. So then I had two rats by themselves. I decided to go get Oliver so Jasper could have someone. This turned out perfect because Jasper wasn't a good fit for therapy work with his seizures.

Oliver the therapy rat wearing a party hat

When I first picked up Oliver he pooped ALL OVER ME. Heather (the breeder) even asked if I was sure about choosing him. I find it hilarious that the little poo monster can now hold it for a solid 2 hours. Impressive! He is loved by so many and he loves going to events and getting attention. I think it is relaxing for him.

Jasper wearing a party hat

Jasper is as sweet as ever and it a big ol chunky monkey who loves food. He is a lot bigger than Oliver and is really muscular. It saddens me sometimes that he couldn't become a therapy rat, but he does brighten people's day online with his photos. I love it when he rests his head between my thumb and forefinger and just licks. Sweetest rat ever.

Jasper eating the candle off his cake

So, for their 1st birthday I went over to Sweet Frog (do you older readers remember Jasper looking for froyo?) and got a bit of cake batter frozen yogurt, blueberries, pineapple, bananas, kiwi, strawberries, and some sprinkles to take home. I mixed it all up and put it in the freezer (I was a bit impatient, thus the melting) then plopped it upside down on a plate and added a birthday candle. Ta-da! Rat cake.

Jasper with a party hat

For the hats, they are made out of construction paper and floss. I've made a couple in my life and I feel like I might just be a rat party hat pro. Something I can add to my resume? ;)

Jasper eating his birthday cake

The boys were a bit camera shy eating the cake out of their cage, but overnight they consumed it all. Rat birthday success!

Jasper and Oliver licking the plate

Do you celebrate your pet's birthday?
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  1. I am so very glad to see how beautiful and sweet they are at a year of age. I am also really, REALLY proud of Oliver and his status as a therapy rat. I still have a couple that would make really good therapy rats, including their brother, Loki. I hope to be able to see them at some point!

  2. Wow I enjoyed all these photos of the little loves! I so look forward to their sweet faces!❤️

  3. CONGRATS! for your being selected as 'Best Unconventional Pet Blog' BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Awards Finalist! Wow! What is that dessert you are having for your birthday? Did you wish for a kitty cat to come visit you?! Cute photos & Happy Birthday! Even though I'm a kitty, I would love to be your friend. Tee hee hee!