About Us

Hi, I'm Abby Chesnut and this is Vincent the therapy rat. We used to visit many places like schools and libraries teaching others about rats and how they can benefit others as therapy animals. 

Abby Chesnut and Vincent

Healing Whiskers is a hub for information about therapy rats as well as a place for us to share our adventures. We started this blog in 2016 and started visiting with Oliver the therapy rat in 2017.

So what is a Therapy Rat? Read our blog post to learn more.
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Certifications and Training

Pet Partners: Visiting Clients With Alzheimer's or Dementia
December 3, 2018

Pet Partners: Infection Prevention and Control: Therapy Animal Visitation in Healthcare Settings
October 25, 2018

CAREing Paws: R.E.A.D. Workshop
August 18, 2018

Pet Partners: Therapy Animal Handler Workshop
October 15, 2016