August 2019 - September 2020
Rescued from Kingston, GA

Kingston was a young pet rat who was found outside of someone's home in Kingston, Georgia. He was very scared and was fed table scraps by the homeowner until Abby Chesnut from the blog Healing Whiskers was able to catch him from the drainage pipe he was taking refuge in. She immediately took him to the vet and found that he had a respiratory infection, a previously broken tail, and was very skinny. After nursing him back to health, Abby slowly introduced Kingston to the rest of her mischief. He was very anxious around other rats but blossomed when introduced to Abby's older rats, Vincent and Xavier. Kingston enjoyed the rest of his days with his brothers and loved head massages and of course, his most favorite person, his dad Johnny. Kingston constantly struggled with respiratory infections as he got older and had nebulizer treatments daily. Sadly his breathing got so bad that Abby and Johnny had to make a hard decision to help him over the rainbow bridge. They both take solace that they provided Kingston with a loving safe home while he was with them.

Summer 2019: Rainbows, Reading, & Rescue

This summer has been CRAZY! From going on TV, radio, being featured in newspapers, magazines, and online articles, to finishing up our Reading Rats program, and even rescuing a pet rat in distress!...Read More

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