Coral the rescue rat

Rescue from Second Chance Heroes
Born Spring/Summer 2020 - December 2021

Blog Post Features:

Review: How to Keep Your Rat's Cage Smelling Fresh with ZYMOX® Cage Diapers®

There are many different options when it comes to the bedding you use in your rat's cage...It can be a struggle to find bedding that helps with odor but isn't messy...I was recently approached by ZYMOX® to take a look at their new product the Cage Diaper®. I know, silly name, but it is actually quite a great product!...Read More

Spring & Summer 2021: Summer Reading & Second Chances

With 2020 behind us, let's get into 2021...I started working full-time in 2021 so I wasn't able to do much in the early months, but let's see what we have accomplished so far...Read More

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